Sizakele Sigasa & Salome Masooa

Galeria Vermelho & Videobrasil, São Paulo, 2018

Tribute by Khumo Modisane


I make a wish everyday, still pray that this world could be a safer place for LGBTQI people. I mean after all, we are no different from anyone else. 

I find myself breathing heavily as I recall the day I learnt of the passing of two of my close friends, Sizakele Sigasa and Salome Masooa. 07/07/07 has become a date that carries tragic memories, loss of two lovely people that I loved.  I remember instantly being disappointed in mankind, how could this be real? As the tears flooded my eyes, I recall mentally questioning the society that we live amongst. I remember wondering if this was the liberation and freedom our fathers and grandfathers fought so hard for.

We have grown to learn that friends are the family we choose. Siza and Salome became my family. There is so much to say about Siza and Salome, other than sharing the fact that they enjoyed life, they had a lot to live for. They lead positive vibrant lives and meant a lot to those close to them.

Siza was a hard worker, very independent person and dedicated a lot of her time in what she loved and believed in. She never relied on others for anything. I guess that was her way of avoiding the disappointment that comes with dependence.  Siza was strict in a way. If someone she cared for wanted to behave like a derailed train, she was the perfect person to put them back I line. The way that she managed to succeed in that process was through guidance and the fact that we as her friends knew she was a no nonsense type of person. I always knew that her guidance, regardless of how harsh it may have seemed, it came from a place of honesty and love. We as her friends knew we could rely on her for positive substantial advice. She had the best form of verbal discipline.  

Salome was very very protective. She became some form of a shield as in; she was ready and prepared to protect you regardless of the situation. If you were out with her and you encountered and altercation with someone, Salome would be there ready to defend and protect. Being a protector was her nature.  Some people could have easily mistaken her protective nature for bullying and it was nowhere near it at all. The love that she had for her friends is what drove her into protection mode. 

Having had Siza and Salome as my chosen family members and having lost them has not only left a dent in my heart, but a space that can never be filled. I still cant make sense of how could two lovely people like them have their lives end in this senseless manner. I guess one could be comforted by the fact that they passed away together but it still doesn’t make it easy at all.

Khumo Modisane, June 2018