Eunice Ntombifuthi Dube

Centre for the Less Good Idea, Johannesburg, 2018

Tribute by Thulisile Portia Dube


To my beloved Daughter/Sister Shasha

They say death comes when it comes and it is a necessary ending and that death is not the end but just another path that one has to take.

But how is death necessary and how is it just another path that one has to take when it is determined by somebody else other than God? If we were not Christians, we would be asking: where was God when that monster decided to end your life? How does one come to terms with this?

It was the morning of September 20th2017. At home it wasn’t just another day. It was our mother’s birthday and she was receiving birthday messages and lots of love from all that knows her. She received so many calls on the day and when she received another call, she took it with a smile thinking it is another call from well-wishers as it was her birthday.

That was the call that would spoil her day and possibly her birthday for the rest of her life. The news was that her beloved Shasha has been brutally murdered. She is widowed and without a son so she was tasked with going to face a motionless and bloodied body of her beloved Shasha.

What will September 20thbe to us going forward? Our Mother’s birthday celebration? The mourning of your death? Celebration of your short lived life? Only time will tell as the wound is still very fresh on our minds and hearts.

It wasn’t just another day when news broke that you were no more. Never did we imagine that your life would end like that. Of course we knew that someday you would depart this world but not in a manner that you did or was done to you. Let alone through atrocious ways of a monster you called all sorts of sweet names: Love, Baby etc. little did you know that it would be the very same person that would end your life in the cruellest of ways.

Somebody might ask, why are we calling your killer a monster? The very same man that you loved and shared your life with? We have the simplest of answers: who beats someone they love to death using a hammer? Who suffocates someone they love while they are struggling to move and in excruciating pain? Only a monster would do that!!!

You were a daughter, sister, aunt and a friend to so many people and you will always be in our hearts and will continue celebrating your life.

May your soul Rest In perfect Peace Ntombifuthi Eunice Shasha Dube.

Thulisile Portia Dube, August 2018