Hannah Cornelius

Zeitz MOCCA, Cape Town, 2017

Tribute by Mr & Mrs Cornelius


Love letter to Hannah…

Our  dearest Hannah

Mother Teresa said the following:  some people come into your life as blessings.  Some people come into your life as lessons.  We could not ask for a greater blessing. You were with us on this earth for 21 years leading a real life. During your earthly life and now and forever you remain an inspiration to all people.

You had the most amazing smile that uplifted all who had contact with you.  You spread love everywhere you went. Having had an encounter with you people recalled such meetings with happiness, love and a lightness of spirit.  Your courage, beauty, brilliance, humility and above all your love for life in any form will stay your legacy forever.

Your curious and pioneering spirit was not driven by materialistic and egoistic interest, but by your desire to find a place in this world to promote love and peace to all.  Your values of courage, love, forgiveness and help for others will inspire generations of youngsters that will follow your example. We are so grateful that God used us to bring you into this world as a star that will sparkle all over this world forever.

We will ensure the values you stood for will be a lesson for all the young people who have lost their way or need guidance. You only had 21 years to learn the most valuable lessons in life and you made these values your guiding principles. Your message was your life and your life was your message.  A message that will outlive   all superficial and materialistic values. The words of Martin Luther King Junior could have been your:

“Returning hate for hate multiplies hate adding deeper darkness  to a night already devoid of stars.  Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.”

Throughout your life whether it was at school, the times that you spent abroad, and at university, your guiding principle was to help others to spread love. In order for you to be able to carry on spreading love you realized that you can only spread love when you love yourself. When you experienced difficult times in your life you immediately faced your own personal pain, worked as hard as you possibly could, in a brave manner to deal with your own demons. At the time that you left this earth you came full circle and realized that the only peace that you need was already in your heart.   Peace that was united with the source of all life. This you intended to spread all over the world. You told us that you only wanted peace in yourself and to be able to help other people. We will now dedicate the rest of our lives to fulfil your wish to help other people. There are so many youngsters in our area that need guidance and  who need to be able to know what life is about, really about, that there is a future of hope. 

Mamma and Pappa will use your legacy and your inspiring life to shine light into the darkness. That light will sparkle: Hannah, Hannah, Hannah. 

Mamma and Pappa, forever. 24 October 2017