Ipeleng Christine Moholane

Goodman Gallery, Cape Town, 2015

Tribute by Isaac Sello Moholane


Dear Gabrielle,

Ipeleng Moholane was the first born of Mr and Mrs Moholane. Ipeleng was a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. She attended the Seventh Day Adventist School called Blue Hills College. At the time of her death she had enrolled at (MGI) Midrand Graduate Institute as a Journalism student. She was very positive and hardworking. A friend of everyone and most of all a friend of God. She was so spiritual and full of respect for elderly and parents.

Ipeleng was brave and I personally as her father had a very special relationship with her. We spoke about everything in life. We spoke about careers, relationships, sex, spiritual matters and life at large. She admitted her mistakes and worked on rectifying them and making things right with everyone. Never did I ever think that one day I would bury her. Her killers today are walking around free, perhaps planning whom to rape and strangle again. People who did what they did to Ipeleng will never rest in their lives. Because they killed a very rare character and I believe during their act of raping and strangling her she pleaded and prayed, but because of demon possession they went ahead, raped and strangled. But the prayers of the saints will not go to the Father above without an answer. I am looking forward to meeting my daughter, when the Lord shall come again.

Gabrielle, I ask that I stop here because it makes me emotional to write about my daughter. She was my first born, my pride and the excellency of my strength, and half of me died with her. But the Lord was there when they were doing this to her, and they may not be arrested by the police but they will not escape the judgment of God to those who are used by the demons and the devil himself unless they repent and make their way to the cross. There is an eye which sees everything, whether in the dark or in the day, and it records everything we do here on earth and we will have to account one day. Gabrielle I am sorry my heart is bleeding I have to stop here.”

Isaac Sello Moholane, October 2015