Koketso ‘Queen’

Gwen Frostic Art Centre, Muchigan, 2016

Tribute by a Friend


Koketso was better known as Queen. She was the first born of four children to her mother. She was born in Attridgeville in Pretoria which is also where she was laid to rest by her mother. At the time of her death she was only 23 years old and working in Pretoria. She worked outdoors and worked in a number of areas in Pretoria. She started doing this business from a very young age. 

Due to the violent way she was killed and how the matter was handled by the police, it sent shock waves in the community she worked in. Her friends and especially her mother were traumatised. Her friends suspect she was killed by a client and left in the open veld for her body to be discovered by her peers. At the time her body was discovered she had already started to decompose, and she was left in the open for some time even after her discovery due to police late response. To this day her killer is walking free as most of us have not been interviewed by the police to give our statements. 

Although I had known Queen for a short time as we met in 2014 when we were both working at the bush she was my friend. 


 Friend, September 2016